Assistant Kennel Manager


  • Assist the Kennel Manager with co-ordinating kennel staff in all aspects of their work, (taking care of the dogs, keeping cages, camps and kennel premises clean, attending to garden and bin area)
  • Help with physical work (collecting dirty blankets, do the washing, hanging up, etc) if short staffed.
  • Report any damage or fault on kennel property and premises incl. cages, fences, wires etc. to Kennel Manager
  • Assist with volunteers when necessary.
  • Report any problems or irregularities relating to premises, staff, adoptions & day to day running of the Kennels to your direct supervisor
  • Supervise rubbish removal

Kennel work (taking care of dogs)

  • Keeping food store clean and managing food stock
  • Assist with co-ordinating daily feeding of dogs.
  • Ensure feeding programs for puppies, ill dogs, mums, adult dogs with special needs is carried out.
  • Seeing to availability of fresh, clean water as well as dry, clean blankets at all times.
  • Administering of medication to dogs according to vet’s advice and timely administering of medication.
  • Checking incoming dogs and immediate referral to clinic for health check
  • Daily check ups on all dogs, spending time with them, get to know their temperaments. 
  • Establish compatibility of dogs with other dogs (temperament testing) and possibly cats.
  • Special attention to dogs with behavioural problems with assistance of behaviourists and Kennel Manager
  • Good knowledge of each dog to promote & increase dog adoptions.
  • Deal with visitors wanting to adopt and match right dog to right home.
  • Organise fosters homes and monitor until dogs get adopted. ALL foster parents are to complete a foster application and records to be kept up to date 
  • Twice daily headcount and checks on state of kennels and camps – water and bedding and general health check

Volunteer & Promo work

  •  Deal with visitor groups (Schools, Community service projects etc.) and volunteers
  •  Adoption and Marketing Campaign development and monitoring
  •  Website and Social Media platform update


  • Handling of all aspects of administration & adoption process:
    • advising prospective owner of dog’s personality, he/she is interested in, match dog’s needs and character with prospective owner’s ones.
    • All administration work (like filling in application papers correctly etc.) correlating the adoptions must be completed in full and copies made for further reference.
    • Advising on adoption process incl. pointing out specific clauses in application paper.
    • Monitoring of pre- as well as post- home inspections 
    • Monitoring and implementation of sterilisation of puppies that have been adopted.
    • Monitoring vaccination dates
  • Monthly statistics


Do stock control and related duties on a weekly basis

  • Fly treatment
  • Tick and Flea treatment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Equipment


  • Previous experience caring for animals will be advantageous.
  • Strong organisational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Physically fit and agile.
  • A passion for animal welfare.
  • Digital Marketing experience – Facebook and Instagram
  • Excellent Computer Literacy
  • Experience with WordPress will be advantageous
  • Available to work every alternate weekend and public holidays



General Information

REPORTING TO: Kennel Manager


Applications to be sent via email to awsscareers@gmail.com and should include:

  1. A brief Curriculum Vitae, not longer than three (3) pages including personal details and contact details, job or learning experience, followed by references. Please do not insert any images, certificates, or exam results. Please do not send a longer CV.
  2. A covering letter or email that outlines how you fit the job requirements as outlined in this vacancy advertisement